Life Coaching With Kerly

I will help you to transform & heal depression & anxiety,
 learn to love yourself & enjoy life to the fullest.



I am a life coach specialising in self love & releasing negative emotions, NLP mentor & motivational speaker.

I have worked personally with hundreds of clients, I know & recognise the patterns of self sabotage, negative emotions & being stuck in life. I can relate to the struggle through my own journey & experience. I also know the many solutions, tools & strategies to overcome these challenges.

My MISSION is to help you heal from depression, anxiety, past traumas & negative emotions so that you can fully love yourself, let love in, enjoy your life & become your authentic self.



1 on 1 coaching sessions are built up personally for you as the client and are acting as a supporting guidance and education during challenging times in life.

This could be after a break up, in between of a career change or at a time in life when something needs to change.

Changing our lives alone with no clear structured help can be difficult and scary.  This is where the support and all the tools and strategies come in to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

 The work includes helping you learn about yourself & what do you really want, getting connected with your emotions, beliefs, wants and desires.

Setting goals & letting go of everything that no longer serves you: such as depressive & anxious thoughts & emotions, unhealthy patterns, fears & limits.

I will help you to trust, value, love and accept yourself whilst building a life that you enjoy and love.



Powerful Healing Transformation Programme to Ease Depression & Anxiety, Learn to Love Yourself & Enjoy Life to The Fullest. This includes: 1 to 1 NLP  & Hypnotherapy Coaching Sessions.



Body and Mind Transformation: 

Long Term Vegan Weight Loss & Confidence. Vegan Nutrition, Effective Training & Mindset Change



 I experienced big shifts in how to conquer my fears, how to understand love even more.  It was a great and inspiring journey for me.

My progress has been surprisingly good. It really has changed the way how I see things in life, my thoughts and how to keep negativity away and attract only the good. And again these calls we had where a really good catching point for me.

When I could reflect my emotions and attitude towards the problem, you really got me there and directed me to the right path. Thank you!

Now I really belive and see that the areas in my life that used to be really down are rapidly improving. So excited and looking forward what life brings.


For a long time I felt that something was wrong, but I didn’t know what it was. I just felt angry and I wasn’t happy. I had trouble with my emotions and had questions like: ’where to move on with my life & what do I want to do',  I felt stuck. Working with negative emotions such as fear and anger- which were a big part of me are now gone. I have the clarity now and I know what I have to focus on. Working with Kerly gave me the courage to choose my path and make decisions. During the programme I became calmer and my positive self. I have this confidence in myself now. I also have better relationships with my family and friends. 

Before I didnt know what to do with my life- now I have goals and steps and strategies how to form my life.

I feel excited when I think about my future and what I can achieve.


  I started working with Kerly as a sad, confused, depressed person. I didn't know what I wanted from life, I was overthinking. Now, after ten weeks I feel positive, I don't feel depressed, I don't think negative thoughts. I feel happy and grateful every morning I wake up.  

I now trust myself and life. I don't overthink anymore and I don't worry all the time.

I stay calm if something bad happens. I know that everything happens for a reason. 

With 10 weeks I changed my attitude about life, how I see things with simple and understandable tools.

10 weeks is not long time, but the tools I learnt are so effective.


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