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I am your life coach specialising in self love & healing aka releasing negative emotions, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) mentor & an inspirational speaker/creator.

My MISSION is to help you get connected to your highest self, inner joy, fun, pleasure, love & power! For you to release whatever isn't serving you anymore (sadness, depression, frustration, self doubt, fears, past relationships, childhood traumas etc).

Help you realise your true potential & go for your dream life full steam ahead! For you to believe in yourself, feel confident & life your truth!

So that you could say ' Fck I love myself & my life so much!'

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I was a bubbly child, however after my dad died at the age of 6 & no one thought me how to grieve & deal with my emotions properly I internalised the pain & started reaching out for food.

I gained weight & was bullied & school for my appearance. I never felt good enough & thus in my teen years & early 20's I turned to both food, alcohol, parties & other people to provide me with the

validation I needed.

I was seeking others attention to make me feel valuable & was constantly chasing the wrong people to provide me with the love I wanted- which I actually needed to give myself.

At one point in my early twenties I started eating healthier, going to the gym & stopped the partying. I became a personal trainer which was due to my own significant weight loss journey.

Meanwhile I was constantly learning & doing self improvement with my mindset.

However I still wasn't happy.

When I moved to Australia at the age of 25, all of my suppressed emotions suddenly came to the surface & I found myself in deep depression. All I could do was cry, sleep & I was completely overwhelmed with negative emotions.

I decided to turn to a therapist. She did help me a little bit but talk therapy was not very effective for me & comparing it with what I learnt next- it was a tiny fraction of it.

By chance I participated in a 5 day Self Discovery event by Alice Haemmerle who is the creator of The Communication Code Consulting Method & Instant Insight Academy. She introduced me to NLP- Neuro Linguistic Programming tools & other effective healing methods & strategies.

Due to the transformation achieved with these incredible tools with ONLY 5 days I knew I had to

learn that stuff!

I learned all her effective tools & strategies by being her apprentice for almost a year.

As I learned & practiced on myself & other apprentices there, we all agreed to one thing:


After that I have done many life changing courses & learned from the best in healing & coaching industry.

Today I have chosen the niche of helping women transform & heal depression & anxiety, release negative emotions, learn to love themselves & get clear on their vision, because these were the areas I struggled with the most. 

I remember when:

I was going through very dark times & felt so depressed, sad & lonely.

  I was overwhelmed with emotions!

I was so judgemental of myself.

I did not love my mind, body or my emotions.

I did not trust myself & life.

I felt lost, confused & frustrated.

I had no idea what I wanted to do or what my purpose was!

I had terrible relationships, full of arguments & misunderstandings. 

I needed others to validate me & 'make me feel happy'.

I did not believe in myself or my ability to make my life better.

I had negative thoughts running havoc in my mind.

I couldn't see the light & how much I was on my own way!

I felt stuck!


I am now happy & full of gratitude every day!

I trust myself, love & accept myself fully with all my emotions!

I now know how to be here for myself & thus I have amazing relationships that are full of love, kindness, understanding & effective communication

I know what my purpose is & I follow that every day!

I know how the tools & strategies to be here for myself emotionally, mentally & physically.

I feel a peace & trust life.


I am here to help women own their fullest power emotionally, mentally & physically!

I am here to inspire you to pursue your dream life & own your true self fully without holding back!

I am here to help you connect to your true essence, your own love, care & support!

I am here to remind you of your true potential,  connect in with your truth & heal deeply!

I am here so that you could live your dream life & attract your dream relationships!

I am here to help the woman who wants to claim her power over her life, heal, love & accept herself & create her dream life & relationships.

Pink Salt


Ashae Sundara: Feel, Channel, Receive (2021)

Nadine Lee: F.Empire (2020)

Aubrey Marcus: (2020) Go for your Win

Vippassana 10 day meditation (2019) Bali

Mindvalley Meditation Course (2017)

Tony Robbins UPW (2016) Australia

Relationship Coaching (2017) Instant Insight Academy Australia

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) & Communication Code Consultant: (2016) Instant Insight Academy Australia

Personal Training (2013) London, UK

Most importantly- I am continuously learning, improving & growing myself & my skills as a coach through books, workshops, other top coaches teachings & learning from life &

working with my clients.