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Awaken The Goddess Project

Body and mind transformation for women to lose weight with vegan nutrition, effective training & develop powerful inner confidence for life!



Get the 7 different ways to lose body fat free guide below

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Eating those sweets or that junk food even tho you told yourself you wont? Telling yourself off after and feeling that dissappointment and failure yet again? How long do you want to keep this cycle going?

Are you ready to let go of emotional eating patterns once and for all. We will deal with the root and cause of the problem and let go of the  unhealthy association with food.


Doing diet after diet and still no long term success?

Have you almost given up on losing that extra weight? Do you feel frustrated and hopeless?

Is there even something that works?


Yes there is! This is not just another diet- it's a lifestyle change. You will enjoy it, see and feel your body changing on a weekly basis, and you will keep the weight off for good!


Do you talk down on yourself? Ashamed to look in the mirror? Feeling awkward in your own body? Have nothing to wear & let's not even talk about shopping or the beach! Do you feel unhappy inside of your body and mind? This needs to end.

You will learn to love yourself fully, talk positively to yourself, feel confident, powerful and ready to take on the world! 


Are you struggling to know what to eat, when to eat and how to eat to change your body and have the most energy and heath?

Do you get confused about what type of training is the most effective for now and for long term fit body? 

You will learn everything about the best and most effective type of training and the healthiest nutrition. Knowledge is power!

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  • Complete Vegan Nutrition Plan designed specific to your height, weight and goals keeping you full & satisfied. 


  • 8 Weeks of Effective Gym and Home Workout Plans: easy to follow and with full instructions, videos and pictures


  • 24/7 Private Membership portal access with Powerful Mindset Coaching Techniques and Education on Training and Nutrition key knowledge. You can re-watch the videos anytime!

  • Support of your Coach throughout the programme.


  • Lose 4-10 kg of Body Fat in 8 Weeks Whilst Feeling Satisfied


  • Confidence and Clarity


  • Eat Healthy and Train Effectively


  • Powerful Emotional, Mental and Physical Change.


  • Changing Behaviour That Has Been Holding You Back: Negative Self Talk, Beliefs, Patterns, Self Sabotage, Excuses, Feelings of Stuck


  • Power Over Your Life



  • Learning about the Vision 

  • The Code of the Programme

  • Familiarising yourself with the Nutrition & 

  • Training Plans

  • Wheel of Life

  • Setting Outcomes/ Goals for coming weeks


  • Confidence

  • Self Love & Becoming your Best Friend

  • Heart Meditation

  • Sleep & Vitamins

  • Speed & Tension Whilst Training.


  • Identity Transformation

  • Gratitude Meditation

  • Getting rid of Self- Sabotage & Excuses

  • Learning about Emotional Eating

  • Fat Loss vs Muscle Building


  • Changing Beliefs

  • The Secret of Achieving What You Want

  • Manifestation Meditation

  • Hormones & Metabolic Damage

  • What Different Repetitions Mean



  • How to Feel Attractive To Self & Others

  • How to Get People To Like You

  • Attraction & Flirting

  • Hobbies

  • Vegan Nutrition & Dealing with Friends & Family

  • Cardio


  • Dealing with Life, Negative Events & Emotions, Stress & Break-Ups,

  • Stopping The Comparison To Others

  • Becoming a Role-model

  • Traveling & Eating Out 

  • Flexible Dieting

  • Making Training as Lifestyle & Injury Free


  • Setting Boundaries

  • Raising Standards

  • Learning to Make Decisions

  • Importance of Protein

  • Enhancing Training Experience


  • Celebrating

  • Evaluation Time

  • Your Ideal Day

  • How To Maintain Your Resul

  • How to Make Training Forever Progressive

  • Opportunities & What's Next.



"The biggest changes for me during the program mentally was to learn how to manage my thoughts from negative to positive; how to react to different situations etc; I haven't had meditation before and this was great tool for me to keep my mind clear and calm myself down. -10kg is really big change for me; but also, to see how my body is capable to evolve in short time, was really great as well. Emotionally- thanks to the tools we have been given, I know now how to guide my emotions to the right directions. Every time I had negative thought coming on my mind, I used the tool to shut it down and/or turn it to positive thought. Self-talk was such a good tool for me. My self esteem and confidence have increased so much and it's only because of this program. I can see life more clearly than ever before. I feel like I have reborn!"


"Losing 7kg is the biggest change. Never have I ever had such a great weight loss in such a short amount of time and not once feeling hunger. I am proud that I took part on this project, this has been so eye opening. Thank you, Kerly, for showing me that it is POSSIBLE to lose weight, on my own I still would be lost. In the past 8 weeks you have changed my life forever! Not only have you shown me how to lose weight easily but also changed my mindset. 


I liked: 1) That I didn't get all the programs information at once, instead it was in sections and every week I had to go through new videos.

 2) The support. 3) That the training plan had videos that showed how to do that specific exercise. 4) That the nutrition plan had only the best food for your body. 5) I got to eat a lot of food and lose weight at the same time. 6) I loved that the project focused on all the aspects of life. It showed that you can't lose weight while your other parts of life are in ruins. 7) That I had to fill in the assessment every Sunday - at times it really motivated me to do better to get extra good results at the end of the week. 8) Project taught us how to deal with our step backs and how to get back up again and move towards our goals. 9) Learned how to meditate. In conclusion I loved everything about this program."



I have not had this number on the scale for a looong time and I´m very happy about what I see now. I always thought that the love handles were just how my body looks (even remember pulling them back in front of the mirror and imaging how I would look without them), but I dont have them anymore!

I am much more confident - I didnt exactly have a lack of it before, but now I think it’s visible to everyone. Training and eating well makes me more balanced in every situation - it has also been really beneficial for my relationship.

I´m proud that I had the guts to start the program in the first place - I let go of my prejudice and opened myself up for new knowledge - I´m usually hard to teach :D I already see how this has helped me take in all kinds of new information and helps me to keep learning.

I didn’t give up due to seeing and feeling the results continously, and that made me go on.


"I am proud that when I finally found peace in myself and I started to fix the main roots of the problems I had. I managed to see the beauty and people around me. I fell in love with someone after years of feeling lonely and sad. The feeling is amazing. 

I am also proud that I learned so much, especially in the gym and doing all the exercises without caring if people were staring or not.

I overcame low self esteem and my extreme shiness. I am capable of influencing my own moods now, for example if I feel I am getting sad I can now change that easily. I can also turn around negative self talk to positive phraising self talk instead. I am more confident, optimistic and braver. I am stronger, more energized, my skin and hair glows, I am more leaner and toned, especially on bum and abs".



"I liked how Kerly was always there when I needed her. I liked that the menu and trainings were simple and not some rocketscience. I liked that I got to connect to myself in a deep level and how I made peace with myself and now undand myself better.

I'm proud of myself for taking controlover my life. I'm proud that I have a great family life and that I have changed my view of life overall.

I don't have any moodswings anymore and I learned to love myself as I am".


"I literally loved everything about the project - the information and the encouragement.

The information has really educated me and I know so much more about nutrition and training than I ever did before. The encouragement helped me to stay committed to the project whenever I felt low.


Prior to the programme, I think I was in some sort of depression. I always tended to compare myself to others and this really brought my self esteem down. But when I started this programme, I learned to love myself and I guess people around me could see that I started to care for myself because everyone seemed to give me more respect. 

 I started to get more compliments on my appearance and general mood and this seriously boosted my confidence. Now, I can't even believe that I was depressed. 

I cannot even explain how this programme has blasted my confidence through the roof. 


Physically, I could just see the fat melting off. My clothes started to fit so much better, my hips became smaller, I started to see definition in my abs and arms, My skin became a million times better. I believe that my posture also improved (which I have struggled with for literally my entire life) because I became more confident!!! And because I felt so confident, I started to wear tighter clothing, which made me feel so amazing. 

Before, I would always wear baggy clothes because I just didn't feel comfortable 

During the programme, I learned to be my own best friend. I think that this is the point where true transformation and growth starts. When I truly learned to love myself, I was able to take control of my life, ignore any negative thoughts, and show that I love myself to others",

"I learned to let go of the things that didn't serve me anymore. I learned to love myself more. I learned to treat myself worthy and believe that I am worthy- of best food, sleep, company and my goal body! 

I managed to stay emotionally more balanced than usual even during the hard times. That really surprised me. I feel more calm and I want to focus so much more on myself and my goals, I let go of the beliefs that standed on my way and now I feel unstoppable!:) 

I am SO SO proud of myself! That I took this decision to take responsibility and make the change happen! I am proud that I have come that far and that I have done so much work for my future self! I am so proud that I stocked to the meal plan as much as I could to the max even though usually I would have found 100 reasons in different situations not to do so. 

I am so so proud that I continued to stay focused, no matter the stress-levels or any other triggers. I am proud of every single day that I did during this programm because that got me closer to my goals and I keep on doing that. Because now I have learned to be persistent, to believe that I am capable of achieving everything I want! Everything is up to me and I am proud to have the courage to take that responsibility and say that. I am so ready and excited for everything great that life has to offer for me, because now I believe that I am worth of that best, all of it!:)"