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Say it with me:

"I am worthy of love!"

"I am worthy of receiving my own love & others love!"

"I am worthy of my dream relationship!"

"I release anything that is no longer serving me!"

You absolutely deserve to have the most amazing dream relationship that you want!

And you get to attract & receive your ideal partner with ease

You know that you've got a bit of healing & self love to do on yourself with yourself before you are ready to invite him into your life.

There are things to be released from the past that you know are no longer serving you.


There are relationship lessons to learn so that you are ready to apply them.

You are ready to connect in deeply with yourself.

You are ready to fall in love with yourself.

You are ready to feel your own love & claim your self worth & confidence.

It's been a long time coming- but you are finally ready to say YES to yourself & put yourself first...

And you know that when you do that- everything else will fall into place in your life & the man of your dreams will also appear

How good does that feel to relax into the knowing that all that you want will flow to you & that all you get to do is...

To feel love.

Be love.

Attract love.











Here's the thing...

In order to create a deep loving relationship with yourself &

attract the healthy amazing next level relationship you want...


You have to be willing to go deep...


To look at the pain of the past & heal it...


This is not for the fainthearted...

You have to commit to look at what you have been running away from so far...

You have to have the courage to face your pain & transmute it into wisdom...

You have to be willing to learn new ways of being...

You have to be willing to start showing up for yourself fully...

And choose to trust & surrender over controlling, worrying or forcing...

You have to be willing to choose self love again & again & again...





I am opening this course because women want to feel full of love,

share their love deeply & feel loved, cherished & appreciated in their relationships. 

You as a woman reading this...

You want to know how to attract your dream partner with ease

I want that for you too!

You also want to feel joyous, confident, at peace & ignite your feminine magnetism

You want to learn how to let go of the pain from your past relationships so that you can

heal, feel light, free & allow new love in

You want to know how to create a deeply fulfilling healthy relationship where you

feel loved, appreciated, understood, valued, relaxed, trusting &

have your partner meet your deepest needs.

You want to learn how to feel your most sexy, feminine, fun self in the relationship,

being able to surrender to his masculine energy...

allowing him to pursue & cherish you as the wonderful woman that you are!

I am opening this because I became my most loving magnetic feminine self & 

was able to attract my ideal partner

It happened through the very practices & learnings I share in the course!

Because it doesn't have to be that difficult- it gets to be easy!

I did it so by healing & letting go of my past

By learning to love & value myself


By changing my beliefs about relationships

By practicing all the truths inside this course

Which really is something special

6 weeks of self love & healing embodiment practices & new relationship blueprint shifts-

learning & changing how you view yourself & your relationships forever!


How to become a magnet for your ideal partner

Ways for you to connect deeply with yourself- feeling the love that you want

Releasing & clearing negative emotions & attachments towards your ex partners

The number 1 daily practice to have that brings you the peace, love & joy that you want

Healing your relationships to your parents 

A whole new relationship blueprint that helps you attract the right high value men for you

How to operate from your feminine energy- feeling at ease & becoming naturally irresistible

Healing childhood wounds & insecurities that are holding you back

Healthy & effective communication skills & expressing your truth openly

My most effective & fast emotional soothing techniques to let go of negative emotions

Connecting in with your deep self worth & claiming what you desire & deserve

Letting go of chasing, forcing & controlling life & relationships

Getting clear about your wants & needs in life & relationships

Clearing blockages &  resistance to receiving love

Empowerment & confidence practices

Releasing limiting beliefs about love & relationships & creating empowering beliefs instead

Learning about feminine & masculine energies so that the attraction in your relationships lasts

Releasing fear of getting hurt & igniting trust

How to be vulnerable & connect with your partner on a deep level

How to have men showing up for you fully & pursue you

Having a dating roadmap for ease & fun, knowing the most important things to look for

Top questions to ask a guy before you choose to go on a date

Important conversations to have before you choose to commit

Getting clear of your standards, values & non-negotiables

Manifesting your dream partner practice


You are a woman who has recently gotten out of a relationship or have been single for a while

You know that you no longer want a relationship where you have to do all the work,

chase, force or control, feel unwanted, disrespected or where your needs are not important

You want to be pursued, you want to feel like your most joyous, expansive, sensual,

sexual woman

You want real lasting love with a man who shows up for you fully!


You know that it’s time to heal & release your past & what is holding you back

You are ready to feel deeply worthy of the life that you want!

You want to learn how to trust & how to not only love another, but be fully in love with yourself!


You know that you deserve real, caring, appreciative, kind, fulfilling love!



You might have fears like:

Does he exists? Will I be alone forever? Am I enough? Can I love again?

Can I trust again? Am I lovable? Can I have what I want?


You know why you are here… desire to love- check.

But it’s releasing what is holding you back, really loving & valuing yourself- coded in

deep self worth, connection to your feminine energy & embodying healthy relationships-

thats where you get mixed up…

You are well aware you don’t have to do it alone.

And you are excited to receive support, learn new ways & be guided.


You are not afraid to invest in your highest vision for yourself & your relationships-

because you know that your vision will manifest & pay off 

And last but not least...

You are so ready & excited to put the energetic, emotional & financial commitment into yourself.

You know you are ready to finally show up for you

Your relationship with yourself is where all your relationships begin &

 having a loving relationship with another is the most magical experience of life

And you are not willing to hold yourself back any longer &

settle for half-assed relationships that aren’t meeting your true needs


Yes... Hi...

See you inside.


The Codes for Love

New Reality Visualisation

Emotional Alchemy Release 

Releasing The Ex Baggage

Learning Relationship Lessons

Answers to Why You Are The Way You Are

Healing Parent Wounds

The Ultimate Self Soothing Practice

The Attachment Theory

Nr 1 Daily Practice for Joy & Happiness

Healing Childhood Wounds

Self Love Magic 

Self Worth Healing

Magnetic Love Meditation

Love Languages

New Empowering Relationship Beliefs

Feminine & Masculine Energy Dynamics

Effective Healthy Communication 

Setting Healthy Standards & Boundaries

Aligned Values & Visions

Beautiful Trust & Surrendering

Feminine Ease Affirmations

Magnetic Feminine Embodiment Practice

My Dear Dream Partner

Manifesting What You Want

Choosing Love Over Fear

The Secret to Deep Connection

The Roadmap for Great Dates

Owning Your Desires & Not Settling

Healthy Relationship Blueprint for Life


You will have a clear guideline of how to release the past & attract the relationship that you want &

I will help you connect in with your deep worth & lovability. 

You will have overcome your fear to love & trust again

You will have created a feel good loving relationship with yourself & your feminine essence &

know how to naturally magnetise your dream partnership


You get:

-30 potent magnetising love magic codes

All on our online platform which you’ll have access to it forever!

(Yes! 30 ways to create more love & attract the love life you want now)

The weekly content comes through videos & journaling prompts

-Energetic & Emotional Mastery Tools

Everything you need to heal, feel more love &

attract what you desire

-The True Embodiment Practices

Which I used to heal, embody love & attract my ideal partner with

I am sharing with you everything I can about the details of how I did it

-The Real Strategy

If you want to know how I have healed big stuff from my past,

learned to love & value myself & attracted the love I desired.

THIS course is to teach you all about HOW I did it.

-Powerful Releases & Meditations


3 Facebook Live Coaching Calls in our Facebook group

so you can ask me your burning questions LIVE!







Because dear, you can’t keep settling & feeling not good enough.


Because you’re tired of forcing relationships that aren’t even that great.

Because you are so ready to believe & own the knowing that you deserve the best!

Because great relationships are created & you know that you have some stuff to learn, so that you know HOW.

Because you are ready to release the ex drama or anything to do with your past that isn’t helping you.

Because you are ready to feel LIGHT & at EASE!

Because you want to live in your feminine energy & attract what is meant for you naturally.

Because you are ready for FEELING love & RECEIVING love FULLY!

Because it’s time.

Because you are worthy of your own love, energy & care.

Because saying ‘yes’ is you committing to yourself & showing up for you!

Because you matter.

Because what you want matters.

Because, love.

Because, joy.

Because, happiness.

Just because.

  1. You sign up

2. You get a welcome email + course foreplay material + access details to the course

which starts on the 14th June

3. You'll get the access to our Facebook group a few days before we start where you can

introduce yourself, connect with others & ask any questions

4. Each week you'll have new content open up with videos,  embodiment practices &

journaling props

5. You'll have full support by our FB group & 3 LIVE Group Coaching calls where you get to

ask any questions

6.You go for it & learn, grow & elevate. Your love, healing, joy, relationships, everything!

One last thing..

I always knew I wanted to give my love deeply & receive love deeply, but I had so many unhealed wounds from the past: the relationships with my parents creating an unhealthy relationship role model, my teenage years & overall romantic relationship experiences full of pain & unmet needs, always chasing after guys & their attention & trying to control because of the deep wound of not feeling worthy, enough & lovable.

And then trying to distract myself from the pain, combined with negative self talk, lack of belief in myself & operating from fear.

I wasn’t aware back then that my greatest pain held my greatest wisdom & that in order for me to attract what I  wanted I had to look within & heal the relationship with myself.

I had to learn that all our relationships are ultimately reflections of the relationship that we have with ourselves & as I improved my own connection with myself, learned to value myself & immersed myself into learning about healthy relationships- I began to shift my life.

By saying YES to healing, self love & learning- I was saying yes to the most fulfilling relationship with myself & others.

I had no idea, how many layers of healing there were, how much I would have to be here for me, how much insecurities & fears would come up, how much there is to learn about romantic relationships to create amazing ones…

I could not see how everything I wanted externally,  was so connected to my internal- my emotions, my beliefs & thoughts & how much power I actually had over my life…

I didn't see how much personal mastery, commitment & wisdom it was needed to attract what I wanted…

But I see it all for you…

And we’re about to do it together…

Xx Kerly

Is this a special price? Is there a payment plan option?

Yes, it will be 777 eur from 8th of June. Yes, you can also pay in two monthly payments.

How do I know if this course is for me?

You feel a pull towards it. It feels aligned. You resonate with it.

Is this course for me if I just recently broke up with someone?

Yes! This is perfect for you if you're going through a break up & this will help you heal & deeply learn to love yourself. You can use the attraction strategies & everything you’ll learn about healthy relationships in the future whenever you are ready for a new relationship.

Is this course for me if I have been single for a long time?

Yes! You might have been single because of choice, fears of opening up again, or because you haven't met the right person.... all will change through this course! You'll learn to release your fears, open up to love again & learn the embodiment & practical tools to attract your dream relationship.

Can I do the course if I am already in a relationship?

You can, yes. Just because you are already in a relationship- doesn’t always mean that you have healed your past wounds. It also doesn’t mean that you have a loving relationship with yourself. This is what the focus of the course is. And everything you will learn will significantly improve your current relationship with your partner & help create more love & connection

Is there any 1 on 1 coaching in the course?

This is a self paced course with 3 live group coaching calls. The content is consumed in your own time with weekly videos opening up in the members area. If you want 1 on 1 coaching during the programme, then choose the VIP option when you pay for the course x

Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds for this course.

What if I am scared to do the healing work or what might come up?

Your deepest pain holds your greatest wisdom & treasure! The only way out is through. This is the key to a next level relationship. You will not be doing this on your own. You will have the support of the container, our Facebook group & the live calls.

What if I am scared to love again?

It is totally normal to be afraid to love again, especially after painful experiences in the past. But you can’t let fear hold you back from living your life to the fullest.

Ultimately when it comes to the choice between FEAR & LOVE- we must choose love. Feel the fear & do it anyway. We can’t  live with regrets of never going for it.
Also we will work on releasing the fear of love in the course!

What if I don't believe my dream partner exists/ wants to be with me?

This is simply a limiting belief & not the truth. This is something we will work & shift in the course! x