Relationship Challenges: Our Romantic Relationships Are Our Mirrors & Help Us Learn Lessons

One of the biggest reasons why we have relationship challenges, arguments, fights & conflicts, is that our romantic relationships mirror back to us our unresolved relational wounds & pain from the past.

We are the most vulnerable and most our true selves in our romantic relationships!

This also includes our wounds, past traumas, negative emotions and parts of ourselves that we have denied or are judging.

So all of that will come out in our romantic relationships.

All of those pain points, all of those unhealed wounds are being mirrored back by our partner.

Let me explain:

Here’s a metaphor: imagine that you break your leg but you're blind and you cannot see the severity of your wound. The only way you are able to understand how severe your wound is, is when someone who can see, describes the wound.

You might feel the pain of the wound but you still don't know the severity of it.

Now imagine that not only do you not know the severity of the wound, you're also not able to heal it unless you know everything about the wound!

In relationships we are that blind person and we do not see the wounds. The only way we will understand what we need to heal and what we still need to learn or how we can grow is when the other person reflects us back the very things we still need to work on.

If only we could pay attention, stay open and learn from our romantic relationships.