Your Self Worth Does Not Depend On Anyone or Anything External To You!


No one can give it or take it from you!

There’s nothing that you have to DO for it!

You ARE already worthy! Always! No matter the external circumstances!

Doesn’t matter if you just got ghosted or dumped!

Doesn’t matter if you failed or made mistakes!

Doesn't matter how much work you did or didn't do today (your worth is nothing to do with your productivity).

You are enough & you do enough by just BEING you!

Doesn't matter how much money you make or don't make!

Doesn’t matter if you got fired or are not where you want to be yet- STILL FREAKING WORTHY!


You always are, no matter what!

CLAIM IT! You have to own it yourself!

Whoever told you that you have to perform or do things to be worthy... IT WAS A LIE!

Sorry, but it was! It's a sort of a collective lie that we've been fed by the hyper masculine capitalistic results based society where nothing is ever enough, we are never enough, what we do is never enough... LIE LIE LIE!

We are enough! ALWAYS! More than enough! Completely whole & worthy!


You deserve the best that this world has to offer!

Doing the work you love to do!

Having your dream relationship!

Living your dream lifestyle at your dream location!

Earning abundance of money & loving the way you feel!

You are worthy of ALL of that!

Believe it!


Your best version self who is confident, loves herself & her life, feels at peace, feeling good, working for her dream life, has clarity & trust, attracts amazing opportunities & people- is ready to be ignited!

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